Beth Shaw's YogaFit 3rd Edition - Beth Shaw

I won Beth Shaw's YogaFit 3rd Edition book at a giveaway. It was a great read for me. I've read various yoga books and I'm always on the lookout for more. Prior to getting this book I wasn't very familiar with YogaFit. I was pleasantly surprised when reading this book. Although it has their program in mind and notes their philosophy and practice, this book is for anyone.


It's easy to follow and is broken down in three main parts. It prepares you with traditional guidelines, structured workouts and breathing techniques are included in the first part. The second part dives into poses and is the bulk of the book. Poses range from standing, balance, various bends and modifications, to name a few. The last part moves to putting the poses together combining them in various flow series.


To me this book is informative for the beginner as well as a great refresher for the advanced yogi. Each pose is shown not only in a flow sequence but also individually in more detail. There's a picture of each pose labeled with how to achieve it, holding the pose, modifications, the part of the body it stretches and strengthens. Everything is explained and labeled so those that are beginners or need a refresher or guidance can refer to it with ease.


The book itself flowed very well through each chapter and I will definitely refer to it time again. It was clear cut and descriptive for an instructional yoga book and is happily part of my growing collection.