Rosemary is for Remembrance

The Rosemary Spell - Virginia Zimmerman

I was quite pleased when I won a giveaway for Virginia Zimmerman's The Rosemary Spell. The copy I received is an ARC and geared toward a middle grade audience.


This book was great. It touched upon several topics such as loss, friendship, growing up and never giving up. There is suspense, mystery, witchcraft, and a bond of friendship that this story captured in a most brilliant way. It was quite refreshing of the way Shakespeare's literature was used in this book. I actually did not see this coming and was quite pleased of its usage.


This story captured me and left me not wanting to put down the book and try to figure out the mystery behind it. At the end of the book since the characters story is geared toward literature, I saw it very fitting that there is a list of books the main character Rosemary has on her bookshelf. What a wonderful touch and it got me interested in picking up a few books I haven't read on Rosemary's list.