The Basilisk's Creed Omnibus (Volumes One, Two, and Three - The Basilisk's Creed # 1) - Eme Strife

This book was given to me as part of a free giveaway in exchange for my honest review. With that being said let's get into it!


The Basilisk's Creed Omnibus is my first book by Eme Strife that I have read. Her writing style I enjoyed for the mere fact that it reads through first person perspective. The characters don't hold back on their thoughts. Eme is quit descriptive of the attraction that the main characters Eli and Matt have for each other. It's literally a chemical reaction!

Eli being human and somehow pulled into what she thinks is a dream yet questions it's reality is a cool concept. Then you stir in Matt who is in this "dream" which he's not human at all but a hot Soul Reaper, well we all ask ourselves what's a girl to do?


And just when Eli thinks she will never see this attractive honey tongued devil of a character ever again once she wakes, he still lingers in her thoughts. After Eli and Matt's close encounter things get even more strange and things change in the world as they know it. Twists and turns are surfacing in this story and it's only the first part of the series. Yes it leaves you with questions but that's the point to leave you wanting more! Yes please and I look forward to seeing what happens next with these two crazy kids!